Sohail Sayed

TKS Activator
Machine Learning Enthusiast
Technical Intern at Elevate

Hello, I'm Sohail!

Machine Learning Enthusiast from Toronto

I'm a 16 year old Machine Learning enthusiast and activator from The Knowledge Society (TKS) based in Toronto. TKS is a human accelerator for 13-17 year olds, through which I've researched deep learning and stem cells!

Over the past few months I've implemented a bunch of projects using deep learning. I've currently switched my focus area into researching the use stem cells as regenerative medicine. You can sign up for my newsletter if you'd like to keep up with my monhtly progress!


Work 2

Machine Learning Is The Future Of Cancer Prediction

Machine Learning models are getting better than pathologists at accurately predicting the development of cancer.
Work 2

Prepare For A Radically Advanced Future — Yuval Noah Harari’s Advice

The future will be extraordinarily different than our present-day world. We could find much of humanities knowledge obsolete by then, but historian and author Yuval Noah Harari has written plenty about advice to prepare for such a future.
Work 2

How I Taught My Computer To Drive A Car Using Machine Learning

Article explaining how I built a model which learnt how to drive a car on its own in a Unity simulation and how it works.
Work 2

Dye Your Hair (Or Look Older) Using AI

In April, I wrote an article on how StarGAN, a machine learning algorithm with crazy possibilities that I implemented in March. StarGAN uses Generative Adversarial Networks to remap human faces to change features, including changing expression, age, skin colour and even gender! Certainly, something
Work 2

Let’s Find Out If You’ve Got Breast Cancer — Using Artificial Intelligence

1 in 8 women WILL have breast cancer in their lives. 1 in 8. That's crazy high. One of the most reassuring things for breast cancer patients survival is an early and accurate diagnosis. Using Keras, I built a deep convolutional neural network to detect breast cancer in mammography.

Monthly Newsletters

November Newsletter | 2018

This month I began sending newsletters. Did a lot more though, attended my first hackathon, went to an AgileTO event and created a recommendation deck for Walmart! Amazing month!

November Newsletter

December Newsletter | 2018

December was a month of good work! I created an object detector app at a hackathon and finalized and published an article on using machine learning to predict cancer! Productive month!

December Newsletter

January Newsletter | 2019

January was a month of great personal growth and mindset development for me! I got the ball rolling on numerous projects, created a self driving car simulation and wrote an article on the steps I'm taking to prepare for a radically advanced future using Yuval Noah Harari's advice.

January Newsletter

February Newsletter | 2018

February was the shortest, but the BEST month so far!! I got to take a tour of the coolest workplace I've seen (Shopify), presented + made a video + wrote an article on my self driving car simulation and did a whole lot of other stuff.

February Newsletter

March Newsletter | 2019

In the month of march, I wrote the code for my StarGAN project, launched my personal website and made a video on self driving cars. The biggest source of knowledge and thoughtfulness for me was through podcasts, which I began listening to a lot more than before this month!

March Newsletter

April Newsletter | 2019

April was a sick month. I published an article on StarGAN's and also started up an online store. Along with that, I also got really into history podcasts, specifically Hardcore History by Dan Carlin and hacking myself to make my sleep better. April was a great month!

April Newsletter

May Newsletter | 2019

Ever heard of the phrase "Finish with a bang". Well, this month for me was all about STARTING the summer with a bang. This month was a month all about achievements, from meeting the Co-Founder of Twitter at Collision to creating a breast cancer detector using CNN's and ML. Check it out!

May Newsletter

June Newsletter | 2019

Here's the thing - I'm a results driven person. Which means I'm motivated by results. And June was a month where - let's say I didn't get too many "results". Yet, it was probably one of my best months so far! Started Budgeting and my internship at Elevate, spoke at a FleetOps L&L and more. Check it!

June Newsletter

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